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Garry's Mod | Server Update 7/25
[Image: header.jpg?t=1497714104]

Hello all,

I am currently acting as the staff lead and developer for the coming Garry's Mod server. The current layout for the server is to start as a basic DarkRP server, but using a custom built framework made by myself, turn it into something a bit more unique. The goal is to take advantage of the higher player count within the DarkRP gamemode, but not appear just as stagnant and copy-cat as many of the other servers.

The initial "first launch" build should be finished sometime around the 1st of August. By then, I'm hoping to have the base framework configured, as well as some unique features already complete. Afterwards, nightly update pushes will be made while the population is low to continually freshen the server.

If you have any ideas, recommendations, or in-depth suggestions for the server, please feel free to send me a message on Discord (Ting#2990). I'm wanting as much community input as possible so that I have a bit of guidance as to what people want. If you are wanting to have a part in either staffing, administering, or developing the server, please feel free to let me know.

Thank you,

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