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Patbied's application.
Role RequestedModerator Or Admin.

Name: Patrick.
Skype (Optional ): Not willing to enter in a public forum, but I do have skype.
Gamemode: Towny, Prison and Skyblock.
Available hoursDuring the week 1-3 hours from 3 - 6 PM. During the weekend I can play on the server for about 6 hours, from 12 Am to 10 PM
About you: I am a 14 year old boy living in Poland. I am multilingual being able to speak Polish and English. I am also learning to speak spanish. I like to play many games like battlefield and sometimes COD, but also try to focus in school. I am hoping to go to University Of Florida when I am older. My hobbies are shooting guns, swimming and running. Last year I travelled with my track team to Germany. Unfortunately I didn't win any medals. I like to joke around and meet new people to talk to.
Previous Experience:I would say that I have quite a lot of experience from being staff on many small servers. I also used to own a prison server that shutdown due to lack of funds. The server had an avg. of 15 non-staff players. It started out with me once joining a server and getting staff on it. There I learned the most basic commands like ban kick, holos. Later on I learned worldguard and world edit. I also know how to make mines, configure auctions and other plugins and change their messages if possible. I know a lot of there commands that mods should know. I also can configure some plugins.

Why are you applying:I am applying because I want to help paxel become bigger and better. Being staff means a lot to me. I personally believe every player is a helper but he has limited powers to how much they can contribute. A staff position means I will get the power to ban hackers and cheaters and help build whatever is needed. A staff position will allow me to watch over the servers when the owners are gone, and make sure that no one that breaks the server rules goes unpunished.
Why should you accept me: I love the Minecraft community, even though it is harsh at times and I am harsh at it sometimes, but I still enjoy helping it. I like building creations for the good of the community and for my own enjoyment. I love helping people and above all else fair play. Cheating in Minecraft has become a uncommon thing. That's why if you make me a helper I will make sure to find all the cheaters and hacker and ban them. I know how to approach many different situations were a person is either hacking or raging I can take care of it. My goal as a helper is to ensure a fun, safe environment for all players. As issues arise, I will strive to handle them. I have always been a reliable staff member. Every-time I am a staff member, I learn something completely new towards watching chats and moderating players, and I simply love that. I would say my past moderation and qualities make me a superior staff member to many, and a helpful staff member. It is my mission to maintain the peace on Paxel.
Marketable Talents ( i.e Web developer): My talents are handling situations and watching a server when owners are gone. I know how to handle situations between players or staff. I can watch over a server while the owners are gone and make sure to enforce rules on people that dont listen. I can also configure some plugins. Another talent could be my dedication. Once I get started on something I will be very dedicated to it and try to learn it.
Other: Thank you for taking your time to read this, Patbied [Image: 635356669595167032.png]

You have 48 hours to join or your interview will be automactically denied.
I've sacrificed the thug life.

(Network) Manager of Arthorian.

He didn't came.
I've sacrificed the thug life.

(Network) Manager of Arthorian.

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