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Player Report Format
If you have found someone breaking the rules please use the following format to report them, this is so staff can quickly judge a report and get a full understanding of what has happened quickly. 

-----------[ Player Report ]-----------
Broken Rule:
Gamemode (i.e Factions):
Your IGN:
Their IGN:
Brief Description:
Proof (i.e video, uncropped screenshots): 
Long Description (If necessary):

Please make the title of your post include the following information
Rule Broken, and Player's IGN + Gamemode
Player Report of PARADAUX using KILLAURA on EGGWARS

Note: Sufficient evidence must be included for the accused player to be punished. Sufficient evidence means full, non-cropped screenshots, or video evidence. If you use a cropped screenshot as your evidence, your report will be denied.

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